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New Camp Structure

Dear Divers, Coaches, and Parents,

          First, we would like to thank everyone who has been a part of our TriSynerG Camps. It is an absolute pleasure and privilege to have the opportunity to work with so many great children and to feel like we are a part of their life-long progressions as young adults, students, and athletes is extremely special. We are honored to be a part of so many athletes’ careers.

          We wanted touch base and go over some changes that we are making to our 2019 TriSynerG diving camps. As you may know, we have been coaching many different types of camps at many facilities for over 20 years and we have truly loved working with so many divers. As we move forward here at Indiana University, we want to run the camps that we feel have the most impact on the divers that we coach. Our Individual Training Camps (ITC’s) provide the best atmosphere and training for our campers. These 3-day camps are completely coached by us (Drew and Jenny) with the help of our staff here at IU. Each ITC has 16 divers and there is a 4:1 ratio of divers to coach. We are able to individualize these camps to each divers’ needs and provide 3 intense days of the highest quality coaching, video analysis, facilities, and techniques. During our ITC’s, we are able to take the necessary time with each diver to achieve everybody’s individual goals.

          Because of the ITC’s great success and the many requests from families wanting more of them on the calendar, we have decided to hold these camps during the summer instead of the traditional overnight camps. The passion and excitement we have when coaching divers in this setting makes these ITC’s so much fun for us to coach. Therefore, this year we will be holding spring, summer, fall and winter ITC’s. These dates and further information will be posted on our ITC page. The link is also below.

          We are also excited to add Team Training Camps (TTC’S) to the TriSynerG camp programs. These camps will be run just like the ITC camps, but will be for a team. This will give a coach or coaches the opportunity to come and work with us here at Indiana University with their team. We can go over specific goals for each athlete and put together training plans for the group. Our TTC’s will be scheduled based on our availability and the team’s ability to attend. For further information on our Team Training Camps, please visit our TTC page or contact us via email.

          We are extremely excited to have the opportunity to add these additional Team Training Camps and Individual Training Camps this year. They really are great experiences for all the divers and coaches involved!

          We hope to see you all here soon and please contact us if you have any questions regarding these camps.

          Jenny and Drew Johansen

Contact Us

Jenny Keim-Johansen, Director of Camp Operations


844-234-8348, ext: 1



Printable documents are available below.

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All forms must be completed before a camper may participate. Please submit all forms as soon as possible.
Please submit the appropriate forms for the camp you are attending:
By Email: divecamp@TriSynerG.com
By Fax 844-234-8348
Download: ITC Camper Participation Forms
Download: Summer Camper Participation Forms
Download: Coaches Clinic Participation Forms